All Good To Go

Just thought I will write a short post before I end the day. I had a short meeting with my director this afternoon, and it was just another random yet purposeful discussion on the areas of my business. After having been under the tutelage and guidance of two Malay managers in the past, it was just a breath of fresh air to have a Chinese perspective and take on things, business wise. Personally, I found the prospect of learning a different approach enticing.

Anyway, the discussion central-ed on the discussions regarding my career progression. Am happy to note that somehow, the director found me to having leadership qualities. The area by which I was lacking in was definitely, the needed exposure. The needed exposure on managing expectations, morale, motivation, drive and personalities. I admitted that I was very much a novice in this area. Leadership wise, I am perhaps a man’s leader. The kind who rolls in the mud, sweat the blood and tears and probably the type who refuses to concede defeat even if I am left just alone. This presumed strengths of mine are probably also areas of weaknesses if there are personality clashes, cause the egoistical facet of myself will surface. My director was highlighting that there should be a balance of consultative leadership with directive leadership intertwined in my style of management. This recommendation was probably highlighted to me, because I mentioned my stance and ideals when it comes towards leading a group of individuals.

Assuming a leadership role, has been distracting. In trying to comprehend, accommodate and balance, I sometimes just lose the needed focus needed for myself. The thing about me unfortunately, is that I love team dynamics. A positive team dynamic, where individuals are self motivated, rid of emotional and irrational responses, driven with a cause and possessing high EQ are always a blessing. The good thing is, I know what makes this kinda team tick. I know also what kinda individuals fit into this team.The unfortunate part however, is in trying to gather these individuals around.

Oh well, no matter what, l am blessed to be able to rough it out early in my career and polish up my management skills. It is gratifying to be able to identify problems early on, improve and drive ahead.

My director was coaxing me to formally apply for the position of being an associate manager by the end of the year. I, declined however, citing my lack of preparation. Hah. It sounds fun actually. To be in a capacity where I can actually feel that I’ve progressed. But I am making progress, without the capacity to begin with. I am actually happy to be mixing it out with a diverse range of individuals in the office. Learning. Understanding. Helping. I want to be a contributor on my own maverick ways, without the incessant need to look over my shoulders and worry whether my actions and intentions are met with approvals or disapprovals.

I have genuinely understood what my mentors have thought me on the areas of leadership. The experience itself cannot be bought or learned over the exchanges found on the Web, social media, workshops or hearsay. I’ve been through political overcasts, backbitings, emotional blackmails, and pure evil over the past seven years, in what is, a hot industry. The capacity to excel in this industry of financial planning, is the capacity to understand what it is that actually drives people.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Inverted…

Anyway, all system is good to go.

The natural way of Thick Face Black Heart is beyond human manipulation, beyond the petty standards of human judgement. When one acts in harmony with the universal will, one’s actions are aligned with the good and benefit of all. You are neither self-righteous nor too eager to please; nor are you seeking approval. In action you are swift, competent and dispassionate. In yielding you are unabashed and have no concern for others judgements. In conquoring you are effective and can be ruthless, In action and non action you are changeless. You are a true Thick Face Black Heart practitioner. 



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