How To Deal With Frustration Without Killing Anyone

Everyone Thinks About It

Have you ever felt the need to ask for murder to be legalized? It may be your nagging spouse, your intrusive in laws,.your domineering boss, your pesky colleagues or even your emotional blackmailing scandal. Whatever the case is, you are mad with them. And you are definitely sure that Mustafa Center do not actually sell hired assassins.

So, how do you deal with the psychological torture?

Deal With The Matter Proportionately.

Blow The Person Disproportionately.

In most cases, when you look at it, most matters that get you riled up are child’s play. It may be about a missed promotion, coming home late, missed deadline and other matters that can be dealt with rationally. The thing that makes the matter so hard to chuck aside, is the fact that we are dealing with emotional mammals. You tend to be more cautious in that sense. This can be hazardous to your state of mind, since that frustration is not dealt with, directly. Therefore, this is my suggestion.

  • If the matter, as I mentioned is child’s play, you may choose to ignore. If it is adult matters, think about a plan/strategy to get things done or resolved. If you miss a promotion, work harder. If you came home late, promise to be punctual in the future. If you missed a deadline, apologize and finish it asap. In other words, deal with the matter. That’s it. That’s calling, proportionate reaction. It’s devoid of emotions. It’s just about action creating results.
  • Now that you’ve got the matter out of the way, now on to the source of your troubles. The person. When I say, blow that person disproportionately, what I am implying is for you to build up a siege mentality within, to just say, “Okay idiot, now’s your turn.” The true warrior in such dealings do the noblest thing possible. Visualize that person into non-existence. If that person riled you up in a manner that frustrates you, just over exaggerate the simplest form of weakness/flaw that person has in your mind. This will create a soothing form of comfort. Temporary it might be, but still it’s better than wanting to dial up that assassin. For example, if you do know that the person is totally detached from a semblance of love life, just have it justified within your mind, with the thought that maybe the person is too fat, too ugly, too uncouth, too weird, too emotionally deprived to even attract the simplest of suitors. Or you can perhaps just tell yourself that these people probably lack the emotional care and love from their parents in their childhood. Or maybe you can just tell yourself that these people have the retarded IQs of an idiot. Something like that. You get the drift right? The whole idea is to defray the circuits found in your frustration and channel it, into something negatively positive for yourself. It is okay to mentally rape a person’s personality, behavior and character in your mind, where there are indeed no tangible consequences. The idea is just about you, feeling better.

For a start, this can indeed be a method of detachment from the routines of human interactions. As long as you get your matters solved, everything else is secondary.  

Personal happiness is a choice, and it always begins in the mind first. 🙂


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