The relentless search for the soul mate.

Soul Mate

The soul mate is that one person who does things beyond your comprehension. That one person who does things without the need for gratification or validation.

The soul mate probably saw things in a way that is beyond your field of vision. Where you probably saw, a grassland of patchy mounds, he probably saw you and himself resting on the veranda of that wooden cottage. Where you probably saw an insurmountable challenges coming your way in the pursuit of love, he probably saw the numerous opportunities of showing how much he could sacrifice.

The soul mate probably enjoys your company. In that small chilly bar, in that eastern part of the continent, where the serenading keys of the piano plays its part as the eternal company. The soul mate probably laughed at your idiotic attempt at making a joke. He probably cherishes the brilliance in the enjoyment of companionship than that of an intelligence competition. The soul mate probably giggled too, when his attempts at laying his head on your shoulders, became a desperate attempt of keeping it off the velvet feel of the couch. He, the soul mate probably sipped your drinks, when you did not realize it, for even he, might have been intoxicated with sheer joy.

The soul mate is also probably the one who walks along beside you, in that not crowded airport terminal in the wee hours of the morning. After having late supper, accompanied by hours of story telling and merry making. The soul mate is probably the one who laid her head on the hard bench, drenched in weariness and boredom after the night out. The superhuman effort of just staying awake to entertain your whimsical efforts at being impressive.

The soul mate is also probably the one who defined an area of your life in a way incomprehensible to you. The soul mate probably brought out the best in you, and revealed the worst in you. The soul mate probably is willing to stand in the rain for you and with you. The soul mate also understands the dual nature of being there when he’s needed but not wanted, and knowing when to absent himself in moment when he is wanting but not needed.

The soul mate is probably a bit part extension of a self you never knew. Or the part you realize but refuse to acknowledge. The soul mate might also be the whole self you were learning to embrace.

The soul mate probably hinged on the edge of your existence on the sheer basis of belief. Either he believes in you, an ideal or just for the sake of belief.

And  I think, like most powerful things in life, soul mates are elusive. If you find one, hold on to them. Tightly.


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