Why Would You Wanna Embrace Your Demon?

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I watched the movie “The Last Exorcism” with the missus a while ago. In a nutshell, it was kinda lame for a genre that I had always been fascinated by. Demonic possessions enthralls me, as the idea of your physical body being inhibited by a foreign entity is kinda mystifying. Anyway, that’s not my point today. Rather, it was the question which I briefly shared with the missus. Embracing the evil nature within us.

In the movie’s climatic ending, the demon coaxed the protagonist into embracing it, in a bid to save her life. The exorcists knew that the demon was too powerful for them to dispel, and had therefore injected a highly lethal dosage of morphine into the girl, in a bid to kill her, thus severing the bond between the demon and herself. The demon on the other hand was separated by a shield of salt, which disabled it from possessing the girl. The demon appeared as variations of loved ones, to the protagonist, and told her to embrace the evil, it was, as a means of salvation. Lo and behold, in a final act of desperation, the girl did just that. She accepted the pact out of her own free will (which was the demon’s sole intent), and the three exorcists soon became crash dummies, flung against walls and having bones crushed.

I was intrigued by the theme of accepting the duality of a person’s nature. You may have heard or known of people who subscribes to the school of thoughts, that us humans, are either

  • Bad people struggling to be good
  • Good people tempted to be evil

I don’t actually hold these two extremes in favorable light. It is far too simplistic to choose which jersey you wanna put on, depending on the circumstances you are faced with. For the victimized and those struggling to define themselves, they are more likely to settle with the “I’m a good person, but too many bad things are influencing me.” Then, there are of course, those genuine cases of people, walking down that path towards salvation, with a notice hanging by their necks saying,”Be patient with me and my vices. I am trying.”

In the movie, the demon cajoled its host with words such as,”You were born great, why deny yourself?”. It was trying to portray itself as the antithesis of mediocrity. The girl, was admittedly, a dimwit and nerdy sorta person. So it was interesting and engaging to note that the father of the girl, who appeared numerous times, in the proceedings, warning her, “Do not let him seduce you, cause that will free him.”

Seduction. I love that word. A word always loosely associated with all things bad. In this movie, it was appropriately used, to highlight the alluring nature of something good and pleasing, to be liberating at the same time.

There Is Power In Negative Energy

Okay, this may sound misleading, but I am not advocating an ultra demonic stance on things. I am just saying that there are times when embracing a negative energy, will actually catapult an internal strength you may not recognize. I know the power it holds, cause I’ve broken metals before, just by my sheer negative force. And I’ve ran faster and stronger, when I am angry. Beats me why. But the experience has served me well, cause I know now the deep, unclaimed nature of repression, when unleashed.

Remember that uber cool TV series, “Revenge”? Where do you think did she get that analytically functional mind? The focused energy of getting revenge, made her so resourceful, scheming in most parts and just damn good at everything she does and says.

Which brings me to my final point, and that is, start embracing the realization that we are a yin and yang turbo charged entity. That acceptance makes it easier for us to proceed and drive through in life without excessive baggage of regrets or a suite of misplaced delusional hopes. Where we strive not to be too good or too bad, such that it escapes our ability to accept who we are or ought to be.

Just saying.

I’ve got evil in me as much as anyone, some desires that scare me. Even if I don’t give in to them, just having them scares the living bejesus out of me sometimes. I’m no saint, the way you kid about. But I’ve always walked the line, walked that goddamned line. It’s a mean mother of a line, straight and narrow, sharp as a razor, cuts right into you when you walk it long enough. You’re always bleeding on that line, and sometimes you wonder why you don’t just step off and walk in the cool grass.

DEAN KOONTZ, Dark Rivers of the Heart


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