When You Miss That Part Of You

Happy That You Are
Happy That You Are

This is an attempt to write a blog post after almost a gazillion years of not doing so. A blogger’s block apparently is a terminal disease. Back  then, about a few months ago, I aspired to try and blog regularly. Never found the will, resilience and steadfastness to do so. Procrastination and the lack of discipline crept up.

The temptation to update you about my life is high. But frankly, there is nothing noteworthy. Am still not an acclaimed speaker, author or celebrity that I aspired to be. To my credit, I did acquire my driving licence earlier this year. And if you know me well enough, that itself was an achievement. A 10 year procrastinated goal. That has been the highlight of this year thus fa.

I met an old soul yesterday. An impromptu meet at least. It was her birthday. Sent her a Whatsapp text in the morning, and after a flurry of exchanges after that,  we decided for a coffee break.

The last I met her was in 2008.

The experience of meeting someone whom you have quite an affection for, after quite a long time, can be kinda  nerve wrecking. Not because I had anything untoward to expect. Just that, you can never quite be sure, how this kinda things can turn out.

When I reached her workplace, I was overwhelmed by the atmosphere. It was like being in another country altogether. It was a posh building in the business district. Just a huge spanking space. Took a seat and texted her.

Minutes later, there she was, dressed in a resplendent blue dress. Thought she looked taller. Went over to her, and the smile that greeted me was too familiar. It felt so freaking comfortable. This was us. Just older versions.

We had coffee at a nearby Starbucks outlet. You would have noticed our nervous sense of comfort with each other. We laughed, giggled and chat, whilst holding our Starbucks cups at all time. Subconsciously, I found it hilarious. Here were two grown up adults, obviously nervous, yet not wanting that coffee chat to end. We talked about so many things. From families, to dreams, to careers, to our partners, to our present day events. It was all over the place, yet we connected.

90 minutes obviously passed by too quickly. She had to take her leave, and so did I.

I wanted so much to just freeze that moment. Cause that coffee chat was just too long overdue, yet had to end so fast. If it was not for that birthday text I had sent, God knows, when I would have seen her again. We parted with a wry smile. As I looked up to the high buildings as she disappeared into hers, I could only sigh.

God makes the cruelest jokes sometimes. We were the best of  a team.

“That’s the worst way to miss somebody. When they’re right beside you and you miss them anyway.”
― Pittacus Lore, I Am Number Four


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