What I Think Of Malay Wannabe Leaders…Sometimes

  I always wonder if these leaders who wants to speak up for the community, ever really bothered to find out what the community really wants. Like really.  


All Good To Go

Just thought I will write a short post before I end the day. I had a short meeting with my director this afternoon, and it was just another random yet purposeful discussion on the areas of my business. After having been under the tutelage and guidance of two Malay managers in the past, it was … Continue reading All Good To Go


How To Defeat Your Office’s Political Voldermort?

      You may have been in this scenario before. By some freak accident, you are discovered to be a shining example of what superior performance is all about. People find you to be an amicable piece of art. A personality so engaging and influential that people just feel so alive by your vibes. … Continue reading How To Defeat Your Office’s Political Voldermort?