About The Blogger




Mohd Hijazi is a financial planner, representing a European insurer, for the past 9 years. He mixes his interest in wealth management with his passion for public speaking and penchant for programs training. He has been featured in info-documentary based television programs, where his opinions and commentaries were given.

As a speaker, he has been certified and affiliated with the world recognized public speaking organization, Toastmasters International since 2007 ( in hibernation mode for now though ). He has won 16 contest trophies in all areas of representation, within the first two years of his involvement in the speaking arena.

As a trainer, he has formed his own training company, Success Guild, that seeks to focus on areas of self development, specifically on wealth and communication. He has, for the past years been collaborating with schools, in providing well received dynamic programs.

As a family man, he is currently loving and serving the whimsical and cute antics of a lovely wife, son and daughter. He dotes on them and takes pride in their company. He is currently living in his recently purchased love nest over at Sembawang.

As a man, he dreams of owning a driving licence, a Mazda RX8 and a big mansion by the sea. He counts reading as the only companion in his lonely times, and music as the sustenance for his soul. He counts travelling as a pet hobby, which he hopes to indulge in, when the finances permit. And Spain is one of his dream destination.

In his leisure, he blogs avidly and tries to be regular, on http://www.mohdhijazi.wordpress.com. He loves being a social commentator with posts that illustrates his thoughts, ideas, criticisms and ideals about being a man seeking an identity within a world setting of conformity.

Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.
-Lewis Carroll